Captain, Boats and Crew

Meet Captain Bruce:

Captain Bruce Yates: I’m a United States Coast Guard Certified Captain and have been boating in these waters for 16 years. Safety is my number one concern and am proud to say that I’ve never had a passenger injury during those years. Occasionally we do help other boats in need of assistance. I was previously a pilot, dog-musher, commercial fisherman and school counselor while living in Alaska for 22 years. I moved here to “thaw-out”.

First Mate Boudreaux is often with us on our voyages. He’s a laid-back rescue Golden Retriever who was shipped to Pensacola with hundreds of other dogs from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. I found him as a starving puppy in a local shelter almost 8 years ago. He’s great with kids but will hang-out with anyone who pets him. He’ll sway to the motion of the boat or find any chance to take a nap.

Our sailboat “Island Time”:  Just as her name implies, “Island Time” offers her passengers a chance to relax and take it easy mon’. With her sails aloft, we’ll quietly and smoothly slice thru the water. “Island Time” is a 32’ trimaran sailboat. That means she has three hulls (not holes) in the water rather than the more typical one hull that most sailboats have. No one has ever gotten sea-sick on “Island Time”. With this type of relaxing boating experience, it’s the journey rather than the destination which is important. The cockpit area is covered with an awning / “bimini”. We’ve had 16 people on-board but we limit our trips to 6 passengers. This gives everyone plenty of space. In the cabin are two beds, tables, chairs and a “head” (bathroom). You’re welcome to help sail “Island Time”, raise or lower sails and take the “helm” (steer the boat).

Our motor-boat “Sea Chaser”: This 21’ center console, v-hull design motor boat allows us to quickly travel to the best sites around the Gulf Islands National Seashore. We can easily keep pace with a pod of dolphins and anchor the boat right onto the beach of your choice. A ladder is available for getting on or off the boat. Jumping off and climbing onboard is another option. There’s a large awning / bimini and with no more than 6 passengers onboard, there’s a 360 degree view of all directions.

Have you ever seen a large commercial sightseeing boat with 40-50 people jammed together on one side of the ship (we call them cattle-boats), all trying at the same time to see “something” over each other’s heads and shoulders?  It makes for a pretty funny photograph!

PENSACOLA BEACH SAILING TOURS is a small family run business that has been operating for four years. We’re most busy during the summer months of June, July and August. We only take up to 6 passengers and never go on more than two trips per day, one in the morning (usually from 9am -1pm) and one in the afternoon (usually 2pm-6pm). I think you’ll appreciate the personalized and custom tours we offer. After hearing about your interests and the people in your party, together we’ll finalize the details of your adventure. I'm sure this will be a trip you'll always remember.

Captain Bruce